kr 500

Making music is a complex process that involve both your crativity and rationality through different phases (in short: composition, mixing and mastering).
Wether you have no experience with it or you have just started, we can agree that making music is all but not easy-peasy.

Imagine instead you being able to go through the full process, creating a complete song, start to finish, and being satisfied about the results.

How is it going to feel to have your work appreciated by people streaming it, other musicians, playlist curators, promoters, bloggers, … you name it! instead of just few among friends and family?

The coolest part of it is the guaranteed fun you are going to have during the whole process. Having the right knowledge, you won’t need to spend hours listening to whatever video on YouTube, unnecessary trial&errors and tedious mistakes.

I really do believe you can learn a solid basic knowledge that will give your music the right boost it deserve. And I also believe you can level up your music skills in a very short time – just 3 days.