Apart from being the man behind HellKey, Franky! also works on other music projects. Here is where Frank is involved.

Trondheim Hyper Cumbia

As the band name suggests, Trondheim Hyper Cumbia is a latin music band based in Trondheim, founded in August 2017.  Trondheim Hyper Cumbia presents a variety of cumbia songs for everybody to enjoy and dance. 

Franky! performs in Trondheim Hyper Cumbia with his keytar and keyboards

Soundtracks for video, videogames and ads.

Sometimes Franky! also write music for videos, videogames and ads. If you are interested in having a soundtrack, please, take contact in the contact menu.

Production, mixing and mastering services.

Franky! is currently producing another artist, Estragon Handpan. He also has done mixing and mastering for other artists music. If you are interested in any of this service, please take contackt in the contact menu. Here are some example.

Gennaro Formisano – O’ccafe

In this Neapolitan guitar-orientated funky song, Gennaro asked me to write and perform all keyboards (solo included) and to sing the bass vocal tracks.

After recording all, I did mixing and mastering. Here is the finished work.

Estragon Handpan – The Meeting

This is one of the song from the handpan project of Estragon Handpan. I helped Estragon to record this amazing instrument and after that I started to build up the song with all the other sounds as requested by him.

Last step was mixing and mastering. First of his tracks is complete and you can listen to it here.