Music Production Service


It is no secret that good a production work can turn a well written and recorded song into a masterpiece. This magic touch is achieved through two phases: mixing and mastering.

Mixing is that process in music production that gives perfect balance to all of the tracks you recorded for your song. In other words, mixing makes you song sound amazing. Here is where we focus on levels, panning and effects.
Mastering, on the other hand, will give your mixed song the perfect loudness and the final polishing, so that your mix will be set at a level of professionalism that stands up to the industry giants. Even though mastering is the last 10% of music production, it is a pure “make or break” for your song. You can hear what mastering does in the example here below.




– Custom mix up to 5 audio tracks   – 1500kr/song
– Custom mix up to 50 audio tracks – 2500kr/song
– Custom mix up to 100 audio tracks – 3500kr/song
– Custom mix over 100 audio tracks – 4500kr/song


– Stereo mastering (one file per song) – 625kr/song
– Stems mastering (3 -5 files per song) – 1225kr/song


Whether you are looking to bring your music to next level or to give it the proper attention it deserves, I can definitely help you.

I specialize in full audio production, mixing, and mastering and I have quite a fair experience with marketing campagins. My preferred DAWs is Ableton Live. I am quite versatile in all styles of music ranging from EDM and Metal (these are my preferred), to Hip Hop and Pop.

My goal is to help artists succeding. I will be really glad to assist you with my knowledge of mixing and mastering, marketing and composition with you.

After the purchase I will get in contact with you by email for booking a time.

We will work through Zoom and we can work on one of your projects, do consultancy sessions or pure teaching sessions.

If you use Ableton and want to work on one of your project, please send the Ableton project. I have many external plugins, but to be sure we are not having issues, freeze and bounce all tracks where you have used external plugins.

In case you use another DAW, send me the exported stems in advance. We will work anyway with your preferred DAW.

1000 kr/hour


One thing I learnt during my 20+ years journey in music is that a good mentor can make you spare years of trials and errors and all the frustration that comes with them.

After heavily investing in my music career through courses with top tier professionals in the industry (Hyperbits Masterclass by Serik Slobodskoy or Mastering Accelerator by Blake Lagrange to name some examples), I have prepared a program that will lead you step by step into the amazing journey of music production.

In this course you will have 20 1on1 hours with me where we will go through all aspects of music productions, so you can start your creative journey in just few weeks. Each week you will get the basics of each one of the main components of the production process.

For each week we will spend 2 hours on the theory of the topic plus 1 hour on your assignments and questions. At the end of the 6th week, you will have 2 extra hours where we can work at anything you want.



If you are an experienced music producer (2 -5 years in music production), this program can be tailored on your need.


My name is Francesco, in art HellKey.
I devoted my life to the dream of music. Helping as much motivated and passionate people became my mission that I will follow with committment and enthusiasm.

About me as musician, I am a EDM producer and a classical trained pianist. Apart for having been playing piano, keyboards and keytar for 20 years in different music genres (pop, rock, metal and latin music), I am a mastering engineer and I studied music production with high tier professionals (Blake Lagrange and Serik Slobodskoy to name few of them).

Here are some results with my project HellKey:

Over 800’000 streams on Spotify, YouTube and Soundcloud

An official remix with over 190’000 streams

A remix co-signed by Swarm on Audius

Share on major blogs such as RaveJungle, EKM, or Noiseporn


Q: I want to improve my music production skills, but how do I know you are the best fit for me?
Q: What can I expect to learn from this course?

A: At the end of this course you will be able to make music that will sound professional. You will have a clear idea of the complete production process and will be able to go through all of the phases, from the composition, to the mixing and mastering. You will also learn how to promote your music, find your audience and work your career as musician. Finally, you will connect with like-minded people and professionals in the music business.
What you this course will NOT teach you is how to play an instrument or sing. Even though I am a multi-instrumentalist musician and vocalist myself, I think each instrument would require a specific course

Q: I want to produce a specific genre of music. Will I benefit from this course?

A: This course is not genre specific. I have many years of experience with difference genres of music (EDM, classical, metal, pop, hip-hop, and latin) and I can teach you the general rules that apply to all of them plus all of the specific ones.

Q: How much prior experience is required for this course?

A: Don’t worry if you have absolute no experience with any Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). This course will give you all the basics of the software. If you are a complete beginner in music you will require more practique, but the classes are designed so that you have almost a week to familiarize with the knowledge you will learn.
If you are an experienced music producer (7 years or more) there is always something new to learn, but I would suggest we work together through single mentoring hours instead of the full course.

Q: What do I need to follow this course?

A: All you need is a computer with your preferred Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) installed, the possibility to hear audio in stereo

Q: What plugins and synths will you use and what do I need to have or buy?

A: First of all, you DON’T need to buy any plugin or synth.
I will use both stock and external plugins and synths. Example of these are plugins like the Soundtoys Bundle or Valhalla Reverbs, and Synths like Serum.
Please consider that some of the plugins and synth I will use are available in Ableton Suite Edition (example Operator, Amp, Wavetable, etc). If you are using cheaper edition, you may not have them.

Q: What kind of commitment does the course require?

A: Every week we will have 3 hours lessons together (2 hours of theory session at the beginning of the week; 1 hour of control session at the end of the week) and you will be given an assignment. How long will it take for you to complete it will depend on your skills. Anyway the task is designed to be done in not more than 5 days.

Q: What happens if I miss a class?

A: In case you know you can’t attend one of the session, it will be best if you could communicate me that in time so that we can move it. If you can’t attend it for valid reasons (for example sickeness), we will try to look for a new date.
If you realize that the course day we have chosen can’t fit anymore for you, we will try to find a different day, but let me know that as soon as possible.

Q: Will you be available if I have questions after the course is over?

A: Of course. For one year I will have office hours, so you can send me all your questions by email and at least once a week I will answer them all.
From the day you start the course you will have lifetime access to the community and you are more than welcome to post your question.


Andrea Broggi – music producer, handpan player (Estragon)

HellKey’s classes have been a key to heaven for my music production career! I strongly recommend this course even to those who have never opened a DAW before. I started as a total noob and now I’ve produced already 3 songs by myself in only one year. The songs have a high quality and in fact they were quickly included in playlists with more than 50k subscribers! HellKey follows you personally from scratch and gets the best out of your ideas and skills. And as a final prize, you get a friendship with an amazing person. Absolutely recommended!

Kenneth Sørensen – Singer/ songwriter (Silverlake)

Francesco mastered three songs for me in October 2021. He was very easy and pleasant to work with and the results are excellent. The process and pricing was very transparent, and he was very quick to respond to questions and suggestions along the way. In addition to the mastered files, he provided me with a detailed report of the issues in the initial mix and what was done to the tracks to fix this, and an overall description of what was done to get the tracks release ready. I will most certainly work with him again in the future.

Louis Duprat – music producer (Injust)

Francesco has mastered a song for me and I’ll will be using his services again. The results were great and he helped me a lot getting my mix in order to have the best version possible of my song. Always quick to answer and help, I’m glad I have discovered him because my project wouldn’t be were it is now without him.

Andrea Galli – music producer (Dramio)

Francesco is a very professional and reliable person. In less than a month we have made a complete song together while working remotely, something that is not an easy thing to achieve.
In the meantime, he always proved to be a person really determined and open. This is the reason why, until this day, we are still working together to other projects.

Omar Chadwick Reynes – DJ

Francesco made some extremely useful YouTube videos like those about YouTube ads and how to reach 100 000 streams on spotify. Whenever I have some questions, he is open to discuss them with me, giving useful, precise, well constructed answers. His will to teach others, is a huge quality.

Brooke Dalby Kolhi – Singer/songwriter (Brooke Music)

Hellkey was very helpful to me during learning to process vocals and learning about the music industry as a business. I very much enjoyed working with Hellkey and learning from his YouTube tutorials.

Adrian Aničić – Music producer (Fenrir)

Francesco made some extremely useful YouTube videos like those about YouTube ads and how to reach 100 000 streams on spotify. Whenever I have some questions, he is open to discuss them with me, giving useful, precise, well constructed answers. His will to teach others, is a huge quality.