Hi, I am HellKey, but you can call me Franky.
I am a classical trained pianist and multi-instrumentalist, music producer and mastering engineer from Italy living in Norway. I also started my career as youtuber and I am loving it more and more.

I strongly believe in the importance of dreams. Therefore all I do is follow my dream of music and inspire people following their owns, and I do it through intense and loud bass music (mainly Dubstep) heavily tainted with a rock and metal twist.

HellKey is my alter-ego, a man living in a limbo of Hell that can’t help but answer his call of music and adventure. Therefore he defies all dangers of such a sinister and lonely place and starts organizing raves for all people trapped in a similar fate. He knows indeed what they have in common: they look for a breath from the hell of a life they are living, they all want to achieve something and they fight for it.
Each event is announced by the horned head: “The Head” is the sign that HellKey has planned something, and that place will be soon blessed with a party.

No matter what hell of life you have, this is the Hell you party with


“Unsurmountable levels of energy throughout his tracks. If you want to experience an aggressive sound, then look no further”

NoisePorn on Forged in Hellfire

“His compositions are insanely upbeat and rhythmic and will not fail to get you moving.”

EKM.co on Badlands

“A sonic theatre on wheels and that’s why we love it.”

The Music Essentials on Da Loco HellBoy

“Powered by raw and dark synths within the dubstep genre, HellKey unleashes darkness on those who wish to seek it.”

EDM House on Forged in Hellfire

“Unique and different from what you would expect in a dubstep track.”

I House U on Forged in Hellfire

“An absolute must listen for any dubstep enthusiast.”

Rave Rafring on Forged in Hellfire